BACnet testing symposium, university of new hampshire.

BACnet testing symposium, university of new hampshire.

About the Symposium

The world’s first International BACnet Testing Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about tools and technologies for BACnet testing while networking with experts from around the world. Thought leaders, technical experts, quality assurance engineers and highly experienced BACnet testing organizations will come together to review the state of the art and explore the future of BACnet testing. More-

Softdel Speaker Session:

1. Future of B-IoT Testing

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has created a revolution in the automation industry. Thousands of connected devices in a building means that an enormous amount of data must be analyzed to reduce energy and maintenance costs. This session would cover the need and readiness of BACnet for IoT. It shall also address the challenges, security aspects, testing needs, and infrastructure changes required for testing BACnet IoT solutions.


Deepti Shete
Head Technology & Centre of Excellence, Softdel Systems

2. Power of the Hybrid Testing Approach

Softdel’s lab, which has been operating the global BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL) for BACnet International uses the hybrid testing approach to carry out compliance and interoperability testing. The hybrid testing approach involves a combination of manual as well as automation testing. This session will throw some light on the benefits and challenges involved in the hybrid testing approach.


Trupti Shete
Program Manager, Softdel Systems

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